Friday, June 29, 2012

New Case: Zody Cervantes v. Rady Children's Hospital

San Diego has long been a center for innovation in the resolution of medical futility disputes.  While not all hospitals in the area have signed onto proposed community-wide guidelines, several did.  One manifestation of the enforcement of that policy is now playing out at Rady Children's Hospital.

Zody Cervantes has serious widespread brain damage probably due to meningitis.  Physicians told Zody's mom:  "We're 99 percent sure he's never going to have any quality of life."  Physicians told her that they do not want to prolong his suffering and plan to remove him from the ventilator on July 6.

Zody's mom says she is planning to fight the hospital's decision, becaue she has seen signs of improvement.  She is also contacting other children's hospitals across the state to see if Zody can be transferred before July 6.  (Channel 10 San Diego)


Anonymous said...

Poor Zody! So brutal and hard to accept the loss of a beloved child and to stop fighting the system.

Probably another hospital will not accept her child, and she will have to let him go.

We have to hope that "medical futility" is being defined very narrowly by the physicians involved and that fiscal futility has nothing to do with the decision by the physicians that the "child's anticipated quality of life is NOT worth saving."

How can we ever be sure when there is so much dishonesty and lack of transparency about the connection of fiscal futility to medical futility?

Adam Abraham said...

man should always struggle and never lose his efforts against any decision like ZOdy.
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